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 Patient's Info 

New Patients:
What does my 1st visit entail?

Your 1st appointment will include:

  • Discussion about your dental needs and desires that brought you into our office

  • A Review of your Medical and Dental History

  • Appropriate X-Rays and Study Models

  • Photos of your Smile

  • Comprehensive Exam with Dr. Platt








For your convience we have uploaded our New Patient Forms to expedite your visit. Please fill them out completely and bring them with you to your appointment!

 >> New Patient Forms

If seeking TMJ/Facial Pain Therapy, please fill out this additional form: 

>> TMJ/Facial Pain Patient Questionnaire 


How long will my visit take?

Your 1st appointment will last approximately 1 hour.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located in Autumn Road Plaza, just off Chenal Parkway on Autumn Road. Take the elevators to the 4th floor and our front door is right there. 

 >> Directions to our Office





Dr. George Platt DDS Autumn Road Plaza Chenal Parkway Best Dentist Little Rock
Dr. George Platt Comprehensive Exam Pan Radiograph Best Dentist Little Rock
Dr. George Platt DDS Study Models Comprehensive Exam Pankey Dentist Best Dentist Little Rock
How often should I brush my teeth?

We recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes 2x a day with the 2nd time being right before bed. In addition, we recommend flossing your teeth 1-2x a day.


What's the ADA?

The ADA is the American Dental Association. As the governing body of dentistry, the ADA seeks to keep Dentists and patients up to date on all aspects of oral health care. Check out the ADA's special website designed to educate patients on their oral health needs >> 



What's the Pankey Institute?

The Pankey Institute is in Miami, FL and is for Advanced Dental Education. Dr. Platt first started attending Pankey in 1995, and has been a Visiting Faculty Member since 2010. 

>> Learn More About Pankey


Dr. Platt Pankey Alumni Dr. George Platt Family Dentistry TMJ TMD Best Dentist Little Rock
Dr. Platt Pankey Faculty Alumni Dr. George Platt Family Dentistry TMJ TMD Best Dentist Little Rock
Dr. George Platt DDS Best Dentist Little Rock Brushing teeth
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